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Basic Secure Web Form

Secure web forms reside on a page-secure address. You simply edit your current pages to "point" to your new secure order page.

The following example shows how a simple web form may be used to place basic order information, and collect credit card data.


Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart

The add-to-cart button below, will exist within your website, simply by pasting the button html code into your web pages, and making changes to the name, price and other variables for your different products or services. There are other snippets of code which we will also provide that will allow you to create check boxes, drop downs, radio buttons etc. for things such as price changes.

Example A: See it work

Twonkulator 5000 - new for 2005! - Only $49.95

Example B: Try it out in your web pages!

If you would like to see just how shopping cart info is sent from any web page into your page secure account, try out the demo code.
Simply paste the HTML button code into any page of your website, publish it, and give it a try.

Note: If you are not familiar with editing your web pages, we can install your button code for you. You will be presented with this option during the ordering process.


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