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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up my basic order form?
We usually have your new web form online within 1 business day.
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How long does it take to set up my shopping cart account?
Once we receive the answers to the questionnaire we send you, we usually have your shopping cart account set up on our servers within 24 hours. To activate the shopping cart, you must paste the HTML we provide you into your web site.
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Why do I need a secure page? People can order from my regular web site.
While this is true, it is not truly safe for your customers to order from a page that is not secure. A third party can intercept information that is not encrypted. Web shoppers are also becoming more educated about online shopping, and most will not order from a non secure site. We receive reports from our customers that their orders more than doubled immediately once they provided a secure order form for their customers.
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How does the Basic Order Form Service Work? I need more details.
We have very detailed information about the Basic Order Form Service. - click here.
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How does the Remote Shopping Cart Service Work? I need more details.
We have very detailed information about the Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Service. - click here.
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Which Page-Secure Service is right for me?
If you only have a few items or a service for sale, the Single Order Form (Basic) Service is for you. If you have multiple items available or featured throughout your web site, then we suggest using our Deluxe (Remote Shopping Cart) Service.
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What does this service cost?
Pricing starts as low as $25 set up and $16.75 per month. Complete pricing details can be found here.
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Does run on my computer or my server?
With the Basic Order Form Service, the secure form is on our server. You simply provide a link within your web site so customers can order securely on your page.
While the Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart service requires that you paste simple HTML into your pages, the information travels invisibly to your account, therefore no special programs or software is required for you or your customers.
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How will people find my secure order form?
You will provide them with a link to your new secure form within your web site. We will provide you with directions and your new page address once we complete your web form.
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How will people find my Shopping Cart items for sale?
You will display your items or services within your current web site as you are most likely doing now, then you paste the simple HTML code we provide near your items and change a few variables (price, item name...) and that's it. We can do this for you if you have no HTML experience.
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I use Microsoft Front Page, can I still use this service?
Yes, both services are compatible with Front Page.
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I don't have a web site, can I just have a Secure Web Form for customer payments?
Sure. We have many customers that actually just use their secure web form address as their web page to sell their products or services or collect customer payments. The Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Service will require you to have a web site..
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I Need a web site, can you design one for me?
Yes, in fact that is our core business. Please visit our corporate web site for a complete list of our services and examples.
Go to
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Will you design and build my web store?
Yes we can do that for you. There will be a small extra charge depending on the number of items you have for sale.
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Do you have any examples?
Yes we do, click here.
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