Secure Order Form(s)

Basic Secure Web Form

If you already have a web site, you may have already created a web order form and just need it "secured", or perhaps you need us to create the order form for you.

When you order Page-Secure.com Basic Service, you have the following options:

A. If you've already created your web form
After you place your order, provide us with the web address of the form you would like us to use, and we'll copy it along with the graphics and place it on our secure server, or E-mail us the web form and your accompanying images.

B. If you'd like us to create your web form for you
During your order, tell us you will need us to create the order form for you, and we will send you an e-mail with questions we need answered to help us complete your order form. We will create your order form to look identical to the rest of your web site.





How Page-Secure Basic Service Works

Your new order form will exist on our secure servers. We will provide you with the URL to your form, which will be something like: http://page-secure.com/YourBusiness/order.html

You then edit your web site so that people are directed to your new secure web form to place their order and provide you with their credit card or other sensitive data. If you do not have experience in editing your web site, we can do this for you.

Once someone places an order on your form, 3 things happen:
1. Your customer immediately receives your custom "Thank you" e-mail message.
2. You immediately receive an "Order Notification" from Page-Secure.com.
3. You log in to the "Secure Order Viewer" with your page-secure.com username and password and view and print your order, then you process it through your merchant services company as you would any other credit card order.

What we recommend:
If you only have a few items or a service for sale, the Single Order Form (Basic) Service is for you. If you have multiple items available or featured throughout your web site, then we suggest using our Deluxe (Remote Shopping Cart) Service.

Click Here to order Basic Secure Form Services

Still unsure? Click here to view Deluxe Remote Shopping Cart Services Info.

Note: Page-Secure.com Basic Service simply provides your customer with a secure environment to provide you with sensitive data such as credit card information. Once you retrieve this data, you still must manually process the order with your credit card merchant services company.
Page-Secure.com can offer "Real Time" credit card processing depending on who your merchant services company is. If you need this type of service, please inquire.



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